Then You Ask... Why Weight?

Then You Ask... Why Weight?

As a woman, when it comes down to losing, maintaining and gaining weight it's almost as if our body is against us. Whether, we have a fast metabolism and it doesn't matter if we pig out every now and again, the weight doesn't stick or practically starving because we want to rid the fat and it doesn't melt... Like, c'mon what gives!

Long story short, don't follow the hype. Find out what works for you and  BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is literally the only way you will see results, good results at that. Come up with a routine that is easy for you to follow and make even more challenging when necessary. 

There are honestly three important things to consider for whichever weight loss journey you decide to take....



Think of it this way, when you put gas in your car, it drives. Without gas, you're driving fumes and at some point the car won't move. Gas is the fuel your car needs to run. FOOD is the fuel your body needs. It's really that simple. Let's keep the visual going.... this does not mean ANY KIND OF GAS or ANY KIND OF FOOD. You consume what will keep you running at your best. You won't put regular gas in a Lambo, just saying. 


I mean... M-O-V-E. Get on your feet, whether you're walking or in the gym. Doing Yoga or getting some good ol' cardio in. Keep your body moving, it's really that simple!


Believe it or not, how you think is what will determine the drive to your ultimate goal. If you push yourself to exceed then its evident that you will. Now, if you're discouraged and being your worst critic then it could now go well. 


At the end of the day, its not about what you do, it's how you do it. Work hard, stay focused AND HYDRATED! Yes, we also sell products that can help encourage and assist you during your journey, waist trainers, teas, supplements and more. Look under our "Teas & Weight Loss" or "Waist Trainers" section.

Good Luck on your journey!

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