Fresh Flora, Natural Soap & 3 Pearls

Fresh Flora, Natural Soap & 3 Pearls

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Boric acid comes from a mineral found in sea water, it is quick and easy women who leave reviews say it helps itch, burning, abnormal discharge and discomfort. 

These suppositories can be used when you feel a little "off" as our PH may shift after our period or unprotected sex or high sugar consumption. FreshFlora will bring your vaginal pH back to its normal range.

Natural Wash is all natural  feminine wash that leaves your Yoni  feeling naturally fresh and odor free!  What does belle's secrets feminine wash do? 

- balances PH
- increases moisture
- eliminate odors 

Yoni Detox Pearls contain herbs that aid in health and wellness and the removal of toxins from the yoni. These herbs are all natural and benefit women's reproductive system.

Pour les personnes habitants hors des Etats-Unis, sachez que toute importation est assujettie à des frais de douanes. Ces derniers seront à frais et ne sont pas inclus dans les frais de ports.
La société Belle's Secrets ne remboursera pas ces frais.

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