Belle's Secrets Foundation


To encourage the development of women through the distribution of scholarships, reinforcement of feminine hygiene through awareness-raising activities and distribution of hygiene kits and to provide educational, nutritional and financial assistance for destitute children.
To Inspire :
Through this foundation, the founder Belle Jones, wishes to send a strong message. Coming herself from a disadvantaged background, she is proof that if you continue to push, help and encourage nothing is impossible. 

To Encourage :
The world and all its inhabitants are constantly changing. The woman must be able to be free to exercise an economic activity which will allow her to not only succeed but to also be a provider for her family. Scholarships will be awarded to women to enable them to pursue their studies and/or embark on entrepreneurship.
To Educate :
Belle's Secrets Foundation aims to support the education of young children from disadvantaged backgrounds. While also, raising awareness on common issues with 
feminine hygiene, in order to educate women of their bodies with proper care and the impurities to which they could be exposed and how to care or cure.

Giving Back :
“When God gives to you, you must in return give back”, such are Belle Jones' watchwords.
The objective is to provide material, financial and food support to
the poorest populations.

Valuing :
Changing the way we look at people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Not only looking at the issue but becoming part of the solution