When to Steam?

- Once a week
- Before or after period
- For fertility: once or 2x a week for 3 months
- Hygiene / preventive care 2x a month
- Menstrual Cramps: 3x the week prior to receiving your menstruals
- Miscarriage/PostPartum/Abortion: 2x a week for 4 weeks.

How To Steam At Home:

1. Boil water in a pot
2. Add one packet or half packet of herbs and bring to a boil
3. Cover with a lid on medium heat until your pot begins to boil
4. Remove pot from stove and place on floor (carpet or rug)
5. Stand over the pot with one foot on one side of the handle and one foot on the other side
6. Kneel down over pot (may want to put a towel around pot so you dont burn yourself)
7. Cover yourself with a blanket and stay in the kneeling position for 20-25 minutes and let the steam work

Alternately you can cut a whole in a chair and put the pot under the chair then sit on it for 20-25min.


- Pregnant
- On period
- Random heavy bleeding
- Hot flashes or fever
- Open wounds
- If you have a vagina piercing