Brightening Facial Wash

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About Belle's Lemon Brightening Facial Wash 

As an organic foaming face cleanser, it has acne fighting tea tree essential oil, Fruit extrat, 1% lactic acid, chamomille extract, lemongrass extract, to gently but effectively cleanse the skin and clears it from the dark or white spot, dark under eyes, acne scars, sun burns, facial discoloration 

Wonderfully gentle on your face, cleaning all skin types. 

Regular use helps keep skin blemish free and feeling refreshed.

Good cleansing is vital to maintaining your healthiest complexion but you don't want to use a harsh product that strips your skin of its natural moisture and delicate pH.

Made with pure organic oils,  this all natural product will wash away dirt and makeup, leaving your skin clean, conditioned and lightly treated with pure organic anti-blemish essential oils.

With or without acne blemishes, this foaming face wash is excellent for sensitive skin and will help maintain your skin's natural beauty. 

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