Belle's Skin Strawberry Healthy Glow Scrub

Belle's Skin Strawberry Healthy Glow Scrub

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About Belle's secrets Organic Strawberry Healthy Glow Scrub


Belle's Skin Strawberry Body Scrub is all your need for a smooth skin all year long. 

Exfoliate and moisturize at the same time in the shower. Belle combined the best natural exfoliating ingredients to scrub away dull dry skin and blended them with rich moisturizing butters to leave you with smooth, soft, glowing skin. Plus it smells amazingly good like a strawberry island smoothie 

Directions: Use in the shower or bath after washing and shaving. Massage bar onto wet skin then rinse. Use on arms, legs, and body. For best results, use along with our Belle's Skin Papaya Bar Soap, Kojic Bar Soap. 

Skin suitability
For all skin types.


Ingredient Profile

Purified Water

Organic Brown Sugar - dead skin eraser
Organic Sweet Jojoba Oil- softening, smoothening
Organic Licorice extract- softening, nourishing
Organic Evening prime rose oil, reduces inflammation
Organic Strawberry seed oil - light and absorbent
Organic Chamomille extra Oil- high in antioxidants, great penetrative properties
Vitamin E- antioxidant, 

Always keep out of the reach of babies and children
Content should never be ingested

Our Policy
I am completely honest about all our ingredients
I believe in fair pricing and value for money
I aim to make our customers entirely satisfied


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