B-Slim Pink Shimmer Waist Cincher

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The Shimmer Pink  Waist Cincher 6 Steel Bones Workout slims your entire midriff to create a super smooth look under your tees, blouses, and cardigans.

Our Waist Shimmer  Features:

1. Powerful sticker sticks firmly and not easy to tear off;

2. Edging design shows off more vitality;

3. Six steel bones cinch your waist powerfully;

4. Neoprene material fabric is soft, elastic and sweaty;

5. External waist belt design can strengthen your waist binding force.



- Keeps Stomach/Waist Region Tight

- Aids in Weight Loss

- Suppresses Hunger 

- Improves Posture

- Drastically Reduces Back Pain

- Encourages Perspiration


3) Exercise a lot but little to no results?

Many people exercise a lot but see very little positive change to their bodies. Why? No amount of exercise will help you lose weight or tone up unless your diet is controlled too. The main benefit of a waist trainer is that it compresses the waist and stomach region in order to suppress hunger. Instead of eating 2-3 large meals per day, you will feel fuller and be more inclined to eat smaller portions throughout the day.

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