Acne Eraser Kit

Acne Eraser Kit

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Our Acne Eraser Kit is a hand-crafted, three-step skin care routine. Made with all natural products that will leave your skin flawless. An acne-fighting travel set to help clear blemishes, unclog pores and reduce excess oil while hydrating. Formulated for acne-prone skins.




Traditional African Black Soap in a rich foaming formula made perfect for all skin types. This gentle cleanser fights acne, soothes & heals dry skin, fades blemishes & dark spots, reduces oily skin, minimizes fine lines & wrinkles and is proven to heal troubled skin.
  • cleanses skin
  • exfoliates skin
  • fights acne
  • detoxes skin
  • reduces blemishes & dark spots
  • soothes dry skin
  • reduces oily skin
  • minimizes fine lines & wrinkles

Details & Care

150ml Store in a cool dry, place away from direct sunlight. Being that our product is all natural, we don’t recommend storing longer than 6 months.

Shake well before use! Our soap is made of all natural ingredients, which means that the natural particles of the soap will settle to the bottom if left to sit. If your foam pump bottle gets clogged up, it could be due to tiny particles that got caught on the small mesh screen within the foam pump head. If this happens, remove and rinse the pump to clear the clog.

 osun (camwood), palm kernal oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe vera, argania spinosa oil, vitamin e oil, plantain skin, vitamin c oil, distilled water

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