I'm Sorry, You Wash Your Underwear with WHAT?!

I'm Sorry, You Wash Your Underwear with WHAT?!

We're not even going to begin with a sugar coating type of intro, we like to be clear. If you're washing your intimates with regular laundry detergent. You're doing it wrong, completely wrong

It's okay if you're today years old when you came across this valuable information but that is why we are here for you Queens, to help enlighten you and to educate! So on a more serious note....

The reason how we wash our intimates is so important because it can determine how it will affect the internal part of us, yes, I am referring to the yoni. Like the average woman, the yoni is very sensitive, so what we use, eat and everything else under the sun matters when it comes to "her". So we're going to share the proper steps and methods when it comes to washing your intimates. Let's proceed, shall we? 


Step #1: Wash Your Intimates Separately, Doing So Will...

  • Protect delicate fabrics from damage 
  • Prevent the transfer of bacteria from intimates to other clothing
  • Allows you to wash your underwear at the right temperature (HOT! Unless it's silk or lace, then Warm lol)

Step #2: Kill Bacteria Using a Scent Free Detergent

A mild detergent will do the trick without harsh chemicals that can damage delicate fabrics.

Step #3: Hang Dry For Best Results

Even on a low dryer heat setting, the dryer can get too hot. The tumbling motion can also cause damage to the thin fabrics and elastic of your intimates.


Listen Queens, we learn everyday! So no need to be ashamed or feel bad. It happens to us. Trust us, but we hope this helps and your yoni is even happier. Stay safe Queens!

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